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Integrated operations from raw material preparation to commercialization

We have two plants, each with different functions: one plant sources round fish and handles everything from primary processing to the final product. The other plant takes the primary processed raw material and prepares it for cooking. It is capable of integrated production, from pre-processing of fish landed at the port to more sophisticated cooked and smoked products. In addition to fish, we also have a business license to handle other raw materials such as rice, vegetables, and meat, making us unique among local companies. Our factories produce food products according to strict quality control standards. We are committed to using locally produced ingredients and creating products that are healthy and convenient. We continue to strive to provide better quality products that will be loved by local consumers.

HACCP certified factory

HACCP” is a quality control method for ensuring food safety by assessing risks in the food production process and establishing procedures to reduce those risks. Our “Chikko Town Factory” is HACCP certified for the production of Norwegian Vinegared Mackerel. This factory mainly handles round fish and other marine products, and is involved in the integrated production process from raw material preparation to commercialization. Strict hygiene controls are in place within the plant, and a quality control system based on HACCP is in place. A manual for assessing risks to food products and formulating countermeasures has been developed in the factory, and all employees are implementing these initiatives. We take advantage of the abundant local marine resources to produce safe, high-quality processed products at our HACCP-certified plants. We will continue our quality control efforts to earn the trust of our customers.